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Wedding Music Quartet Photo at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

  The Lyrical String Quartet 

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The Lyrical String Quartet has performed professionally for six years and is composed of two violins, viola, and cello. The group has performed music for corporate events, private parties and hundreds of weddings on Long Island and in the major New York Metropolitan area.  We enjoy a special chemistry as both musicians and friends having known each other for over 15 years.  As avid musicians, we met at schools, summer music festivals and area orchestras.  Our obvious enthusiasm for making music together, combined with our professionalism, is the key to ensuring our clients and their guests derive the maximum enjoyment from our performances.

Frequently asked questions:

Do we perform as a smaller music ensemble?
No, we are a string quartet and arrange our performances as such.  Performing as a trio or duet reduces the lushness of the tone that audiences expect, therefore we respectfully decline requests of this nature.

Do we perform with other musicians?
, we are often asked to perform with other musicians, we do have a repertoire of wedding ceremony music for trumpet and string quartet as well as a fantastic trumpet player (Violinist Robin Maddox's husband) Bill, who has performed with us giving the string quartet more of a majestic sound.  Additionally we have accompanied professional singers, harpists, flutists, organists and pianists on numerous occasions.   We ask that you notify us at least three months in advance if you would like us to coordinate with outside musicians.

Do you perform outdoors?
, we perform outdoors, however the concern of the string quartet is moisture.  String instruments are made of wood, held together by tension and glue.  If there is any precipitation on the day of the event, we must be completely covered to protect the instruments or we will have no choice but to pack up in order to protect our instruments.

How do I select music? or I don't know much about music?
Listen to the sound clips on this site, think about the mood you have in mind for the event and try to match the piece to the mood you want to create.  Additionally any one of our quartet members would be happy to assist you in selecting music.  Simply contact our quartet coordinator and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

I would like a piece performed that is not on the play list, are you able to satisfy the request?
Yes, We constantly are adding to our quartet repertoire, if you have a request simply ask, many pieces requested we have readily available.  We do request a three month lead time to gather such materials, if they are not readily available, custom arrangements can be made for a modest fee.

How far in advance should I book The Lyrical String Quartet:
At the time of this writing, we have several bookings as far as eleven months in advance, the best advice is to book as early as possible to reserve your date.

How do I book a date with The Lyrical String Quartet?
An event is considered booked when a signed written contract and deposit is received by the quartet.  We have found that a written contract protects both the quartet and you from possible misunderstandings.

What does the quartet require to perform?
We require four armless chairs and an approximately ten foot by ten foot area to setup our equipment.

Can the quartet attend the rehearsal for wedding ceremonies?
Yes, but we generally do not attend the rehearsal, as it is normally unnecessary. However, should you have specific directions that require rehearsal or pre-function attendance is possible for an additional fee. The normal arrangement is to discuss the proceedings of the day beforehand, and to arrive fifteen to thirty minutes before we are scheduled to start playing on the day in order to set up and confirm details. During this time we will meet with the minister or celebrant.

What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellation of the written agreement once signed will automatically forfeit the deposit.

Will the musicians I see and hear on the website be the same ones at my event?
Yes, The members of The Lyrical String Quartet pride ourselves on our commitment to being a part of this music ensemble.  We are not a “pick-up” quartet.  When you hire The Lyrical String Quartet for your special event, you will get us.  The only time a substitute musician would be playing with the ensemble would be in the case of illness or if one is out of town.  Should either of these things happen, we work with a number of substitute professional musicians who know our literature and are excellent players in their own right.  At no time will you ever get an entire quartet of substitute musicians.

Should I tip the quartet?
Tips are not required nor expected but are greatly appreciated.

The Lyrical String Quartet has played at numerous venues throughout the tri-state area. Some of which include:
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Brookville Community Center
Central Park
Chateau Briand
Chateau la Mer
Crest Hollow
Founders Landing
Fox Hollow
Gurney’s Inn
Inn at New Hyde Park
Jericho Terrace
River Cafe
Roslyn Community Center
Sheraton Ballroom, Flushing
Terrace on the Park
The Old Field Club
Tribeca Grill
Villa Lombardi's
Westbury Country Club
Westbury Manor
Woodbury Country Club
Too many churches to list.