String Quartet Music
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Normally during a wedding ceremony music is played at the following times: 

 1.  Prelude fifteen minutes before the beginning of the ceremony as guests arrive

2.  The Bridal Party entrance

3.  The Brides entrance

Sometimes during:

 Liturgy Readings

Candle Lighting or Ceremony


4.  Bridal party exit

5.  Receiving line


Wedding Ceremony Music

Some couples choose every musical selection to be played from the prelude music through the receiving line, others simply choose the entrance and exit music, leaving the string quartet to determine what best fits the mood of the service. Normally the prelude and exit music are left to the quartet and the Bride or Groom select all of the music during the ceremony, however, the choice is entirely up to you.  Contact our coordinator who will be happy to assist you to in making your wedding music selections.

Cocktail hour music:

Cocktail hours vary in energy level and mode from hour to hour and day to day.  Normally the musical selections are left to the string quartet so that we can compliment the mood at the moment, however, if there are particular pieces that you would like to have performed, please let us know and we will be certain to perform your request.  We also have successfully performed cocktail hours where the musical selections were scripted from a requested program.  As in the ceremony the choice is entirely up to you.